Aircraft Malibu PA46-310P: with new engine (factory rebuild)

A new and shiny engine. Everything new in front of the firewall.

Low Engine Time

Low Engine Time

Insight Engine Monitor

Digital Engine Monitor with all the numbers

New four blade heated sickle shaped propeller

New four blade heated sickle shaped propeller

Engine, Piper Malibu PA46-310P, N9127Z

Only ~550 hrs. since fresh factory overhaul (Gold Standard Engine)
Extended TBO 2'200 hrs. (!) instead of 1'800 hrs.
Cold start primer kit
24Volt dual alternators
Dual continuous operation vacuum pumps
Insight G4 digital engine monitor, with 2 turbo TIT indicators
One separate digital TIT indicator
Optimized Gami injectors
Baffle set for optimal engine cooling during climb
Fresh overhauled A/C compressor

The TSIO 550C engine is rated at 350HP, derated to 310HP. So you get 40 HP more at 75% power. This engine is approved for continuous operation at 310HP and runs really cool, even on hot days with a good climb rate. Averages 15.8 US Gallons per hour fuel consumption

Factory overhaul includes new heater muff's; two new turbo's; turbo mounting brackets; controllers; over boost valves; wastegates; two oil coolers; two new intercoolers; fwd & aft inductions tubes; new Starter; new Pressure Mags & Harness; new lord mounts.
Factory Engine Overhaul 2013
Engine Authorised Release Certificate-2017


New four blade heated sickle shaped propeller, type MTV-14-D/195-30b, installed July 2017. Time less than 100 hrs.

Here a list of advantages of this sickle shaped prop:
- Best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations
- Shorter take-off distance by approx. -5 % (SL, ISA conditions)
- Enhanced climb and cruise performance by approx. 5 to 10% (SL, ISA conditions)
- Enhanced cruise performance by 5 to 8 kts (MTOW, ISA conditions)
- Unlimited blade life
- Significant inside and outside noise reductions
- Unbeatable esthetic ramp appeal!
Propeller, Authorised Release Certificate-2017

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