Piper Malibu PA46-310P with classic and digital avionics instruments

Avionic with classic instrumtents. Instruments that have a soul and speak a clear language

Avionic & Instrumentation, Piper Malibu PA46-310P, N9127Z

The panel had to be taken apart for the new G4 Engine monitor, new audio panel, neu JPI fuel flow, Skywatch active traffic system and speed brakes

Essentials for bad weather operations: radar altimeter and storm scope

NAV/COM #1: Garmin GNS 530 WAAS for RNAV pproaches und 8.33 channel spacing
COM #2: King, KY 195
NAV #2: King, KY 53
Digital ADS-B Transponder: Garmin GTX 330, with remote transponder ident
ADF: KR87 with Argus Indicator
DME: King
Auto-Pilot: KFC 150 with Flight Director
Flight Mode Annunciator
King KA Alt Pre-Select
Autopilot Yaw Damper
Stormscope: WX1000+ with new antenna & inverter
TCAD: Skywatch 497 professional Traffic System
Radar altimeter
Full Co-Pilot Instrument Panel
Digital TIT Indicator
Insight G4 Engine Monitor, with 2 turbo TIT indicators
Digital Audio Panel GMA 350 with 6-place intercom
Aux. Music Input
JPI Fuel Flow, Fuel Scan 450
ELT Kannard
Additional: Garmin GPS antenna for second GPS, fully installed and already certified

Optional equipment

Sperry Weather Scout Radar (has to be overhauled and reinstalled)
Garmin GNSMAP 696 with IFR approach chart modul and XM WX weather (US only)
ADL120 inflight weather system
Bose headsets

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