Aircraft for Sale, Piper Malibu PA46-310P (new engine)


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Montenegro Sweden Lithuania Poland Mount Viso, Italy
Sardinia, Italy Slowenia Korsika, France London, UK Lunchtime

Pricing, Piper Malibu PA46-310P, N9127Z

Is this aircraft to sell? Yes, if you make a fair market offer. Have a look at the market, have a look at the aircraft, then let me know the outcome.
After all this missing maintenance that had been done in 2014, the aircraft appears to be really reliable. More reliable then my previous Mooney. I never had to cancel a flight for technical reasons. And of course there is a reason for this. Me - as the owner - has invested some 200K in the last years to make this aircraft save and shine again.

Did you know that a brand new Piper Meridian will cost you some 3'000'000 USD? This is really a lot! But if you want to fly in a similar class why don't you have a close look at this Malibu. To give you a hint, what you might have to pay here is some help: This is a list of Malibu's details as seen on
Date 6th March. 2018:

YearSerial/Call signTT (Frame)TT (Engine)USD
1987N9127Z4.200550your offer?

The price for an average "Malibu" is 272'058 US Dollar. This is on the 6th March 2018 in Euros 220'804.

- None of those engines was factory overhauled, some just with new cylinders
- None of those engines had a TBO of 2'200 hours mostly only 1'800 hrs.
- None of this aircraft's has an active traffic system that also works outside the US
- None of this aircraft's is based in Europe (costs for ferry pilot, fuel and landing fees)

DECAL 2018

Even the DECAL for 2018 is already paid, you just have to take off!

This is just to give you a good idea of the market price. Of course, some prices are only "hopeful wishes". But I would also bet, that some aircrafts are worth only a fraction of the asked price because of bad or missing maintenance.
The actual flying time is approximately 10%-12% less.
If you look for a seasoned and reliable ferry pilot, you might check

This aircraft can also be flown with a national licence inside your country. You do not need a FAA licence. But of course you can have a FAA validation, that is just a check ride and some paper work. You may also register this aircraft in your (national) country. This would be easy because all maintainace logs are complete.
The aircraft can be delivered worldwide.

And please keep in mind: The tax for Switzerland and USA is already paid. If you want the tax for Europe to be low, have a look at this website

See a short video of a real IFR flight in this Malibu

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